Firefighters benefit concert to raise money for the memorial

Firefighters benefit concert to raise money for the memorial

When it’s finished this memorial will be in front of station 9 between Faraon and Jules streets. But, this project isn’t done yet.

“The memorial is for the past the present and the future firefighters just to commemorate the work that they’ve done. We do have firefighters that have given a lot to the community, some of them have made the ultimate sacrifice and died in the line of duty,” station 9 battalion chief David Richey said.


  • David Richey is a battalion chief at station 9. He’s on the committee for putting up the memorial. He wanted to find a way to help raise more money and came up with a unique idea. The department is holding a benefit concert featuring bands made up of firefighters.

  • “We still have about $25,000 left to raise to finish paying off the fire memorial,” Richey said.

There will be three bands playing that all include firemen. Sean selecman is part of the royal absinthe company. He says it’s a great feeling to know he can participate.

“It was just an idea I had. I’m in a band and I know there are several firefighters that are in other bands that I’ve played with and just an idea I had a different way of raising some money,” Richey said.

“The idea of having bands that are just members of the fire department I thought that was a really cool and really unique idea. And it was an honor to be asked to play,” firefighter Sean Selecman said.

He says this event is a great way to be involved with the memorial project and that the bands are happy to do anything they can to help out.

“But it’s really the least we can do. Really just to support the department in general we would do pretty much whatever it takes. So this is a very easy way to contribute to it. But it feels good to know we were asked to help out,” Selecman said. The fundraiser is Saturday night at D&G Pub&Grub and Cafe Ccoustic next door. There is a $10 admission that goes directly towards funding the memorial.

“Hope everybody can come out and have fun. We want to have fun doing this,” Richey said. The doors open at 8 p.m. There will also be raffle prizes and smaller statues are given to people who donate a certain amount of money to the memorial fund.