Fines for South Korean guard dogs Facebook $ 6.1 million for sharing user information without consent

    SEOUL (Reuters) – A South Korean personal information protection agency was fined Wednesday Facebook Inc 6.7 billion won ($ 6.06 million) and sought a criminal investigation for providing users’ personal information to other operators without consent.

    The country’s Personal Information Protection Commission, launched in August this year, said in a statement that it was fined Facebook after an investigation found that the personal information of at least 3.3 million of the 18 million Facebook users in Korea have been provided to operators other than Facebook without their knowledge from From May 2012 to June 2018.

    When someone uses another operator’s service through Facebook login, the user’s personal information Facebook friends were provided to other operators without their consent, the commission said.

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    The commission said it will refer Facebook Ireland Ltd, the recipient of the fine, to the country’s public prosecutor for a criminal investigation.

    “We cooperated as much as possible during the investigation process, we regret that the Commission for the Protection of Personal Information has sought a criminal investigation”, a Facebook the spokeswoman said in a statement, rejecting further comments such as Facebook has not yet fully examined the details of the decision.

    Reporting by Joyce Lee, editing by Louise Heavens

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