Find my app outage now fixed later Apple Problems with cards

Find my app outage now fixed later Apple Problems with cards

What Happened and When Apple’s Find My App Stopped?

Users who used the app during this time have complained about its inaccessibility. Also, others claimed that they could not connect to the server. Following the incident on the device tracker, another problem appeared, but this time on the Apple card.


  • Moreover, the publication of the technical site revealed that the problem was indeed actual at the time. The message “Unable to connect to the server. Please try again later” showed the user when he tried to open the Find My application.

  • Find My App users experienced problems before the patch arrived. The outage occurred after another issue affecting Apple cardholders. The company identified the problem at approximately 12:30 p.m.

Last May, we reported that there was a secret function in the AirTag. The hidden debugging mode featured in iOS 14.5 can be accessed through the Find My app.

For those who don’t know what this app is for, this software acts as a tracker for lost Apple devices like iPhones, iPads, etc., compatibility with Find My network. It could also be integrated with other products such as AirTag and others.

Users would know the distance to a specific Apple device from the key finder. To use AirTag’s debug mode feature, make sure to bypass the gadget’s UWB range first.

After that, you can now activate the precision search experience. As you progress, click the header tag four times to reveal your AirTag name. Debugging is difficult to restore, so we recommend that you be very careful before enabling it.

According to another report from MacRumors, some Apple card users are having trouble paying their bills. After the tech company discovered the problem, it posted a warning on its page that said users could not request a new card number, replacement card, and unlock it. Previous Apple Card Problem

Earlier this month, a Twitter user posted that his payment was twice wrong when he used the Apple Card. Despite the failure of the transaction, he was still able to receive the withdrawal receipt. However, he found that the money was already gone even though the error was revealed. A few hours later, Apple said that the problem with using the Apple card was resolved. In a discussion thread, one user said that Apple should pay attention to its service and products.

Another person responded that the Apple card was used “fraudulently” for online Chipotle orders. He found that the cardholder was not functioning due to the latest disruptions. The most recent outage affecting cardholders was not the first case for Apple Card – in June, there was another issue that took a long time to resolve.

At the time, Apple confirmed the shutdown report, but it was not mentioned whether the issue only affected certain regions and not all of the United States.