Find here the details of the surveillance apparatus that surrounded Britney Spears

Find here the details of the surveillance apparatus that surrounded Britney Spears

Employee Alex Vlasov upheld his claim with email, text messages, and voice recordings he knew for nine years as Executive Assistant and Operations and Cyber Security Manager at security company Black Box. He has released a new New York Times documentary, “Controlling Britney Spears,” released on Friday.

According to a former employee of the security company, Britney Spears’ father and the security company hired to protect her monitor her communications and from the bedroom, including interactions and conversations with her boyfriend and children. We ran a powerful monitoring device that secretly captured the audio recordings of.


  • Vlasov’s account and a pile of his materials create the most detailed portrait to date of what Spears’ life has been like under a guardian for the past 13 years. Vlasov said relentless surveillance helped several people involved in the guardianship system manage almost every aspect of her life, primarily her father, James P. Spears. rice field.

  • Recording conversations in a private location and mirroring text messages without the consent of both parties may be against the law. It is unclear whether the court overseeing Mr. Spears’ power of attorney was aware of or approved the surveillance.

In response to a detailed question from the Times, Spears’ lawyer issued a statement. “All his actions were within the authority given to him by the court. His actions were carried out with the knowledge and consent of Britney, a lawyer appointed to her court, and / or the court. Jamie’s record as a guardian, and the court’s approval of his actions, speaks for itself. “

“It really reminded me of someone who was in jail, and security was essentially in the position of a prison guard,” Vlasov said.

Black Box Security CEO and Founder Edan Yemini also didn’t answer the detailed question. In a statement, his lawyer said: Yemini and the black box have always acted within professional, ethical and legal boundaries. They are particularly proud of their work to keep Spears safe for many years. “

In a statement, Spears’ lawyer Matthew S. Rosan Galt said: And an impressive example of her deprivation of civil liberties. “

“Putting a listening device in Britney’s bedroom is particularly unforgivable and shameful, and supports many of her compelling and inspirational testimonies,” said Rosan Galt. rice field. “These behaviors need to be thoroughly and proactively investigated.” Vlasov said strict oversight was needed to properly protect Spears, and her boss often said she wanted to be a guardian. He said he felt forced to share his information after hearing comments from the court in June when Mr Spears accused the judiciary, her parents and her manager. She called the arrangement abuse.

Spears’father, known as Jamie, said he was hospitalized twice by ambulance for an involuntary psychiatric assessment amid a series of public struggles and concerns about mental health and potential substance abuse. Immediately after being taken to, he was appointed as a guardian in 2008. .. He had extensive control over her life and property, including the authority to maintain Spears’ 24-hour security. Mr Spears and others involved in adult guardianship claimed that it was a smooth operation that worked for the best interests of his daughter. However, following Spears’ comments in court in June, the judge allowed her to choose her lawyer, Rosan Galt, for the first time. Rosa & Berry quickly applied for the dismissal of Spears as a guardian of the singer’s property. After consistently arguing that there was no reason for his dismissal, Spears suddenly asked the court on September 7 to consider whether to completely terminate the power of attorney.

Rosengert and Spears’ requests will be considered at a hearing scheduled for September 29th. Security company

Excited by the opportunity to master the security industry, Vlasov joined BlackBox in 2012 as a 21-year-old college student. He started out as Yemini’s assistant and has grown into a role that includes a wide range of operational and digital management responsibilities. “I did everything from writing his message to writing his email and taking part in all the phone conversations to take notes for him,” Vlasov said. I did. “I was the only one in the black box who really knew everything.” He usually works in a black box office in the Woodland Hills area of Los Angeles, and he said he rarely meets Mr. Spears in person. But through his close work with surveillance equipment and Yemini and his colleagues, Vlasov said he had a unique and comprehensive view of her life.

Yemini, the founder of Black Box Security, was born in Israel and is described on the company’s website as having a background in Israeli special forces. The Spears account helped BlackBox grow from a small operation to a prominent player in the celebrity security industry. The Kardashian family’s turmoil, Miley Cyrus, and Lana Del Rey are among the clients. The role of the security team has long been a mystery.