FibSWAP presents the world’s first decentralized exchange as an Android app

FibSWAP presents the world's first decentralized exchange as an Android app

Decentralized exchanges are complicated and are notorious for having bad user interfaces and experiences, and are not interoperable with other chains. If an individual wanted to swap an ETH token for a BSC token, the easiest way to do so is through a centralized exchange. This involves a much higher degree of trust. With FibSWAP DEX, the user interface and experience are much more friendly, and users can now buy and swap tokens from different chains like ETH to BSC, or Polygon to Fantom. Now they are bringing their decentralized platform, along with a new wallet feature into one seamless application, on the first Tuesday of 2022.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates—(Newsfile Corp. – December 27, 2021) – FibSWAP will deliver the first DEX (decentralised exchange) as an Android phone application on January 4th, 2022. This phone application will be a decentralised exchange (DEX) that will support tokens from many blockchains in the same way that their current DEX does. FibSWAP is a multichain DEX (decentralised exchange) that allows users to swap tokens across many blockchains. This is significant because decentralised exchanges are limited in terms of user experience and interoperability, and FibSWAP is filling that gap with their interoperable exchange, bringing all of those features into one seamless phone application on January 4th, 2022 on Android, with an iOS app following soon after.


  • This would mark the first time a decentralized exchange has been integrated as an application for a phone. This is a monumental step in the crypto industry, as people could now have direct access with their phones, removing the need to go on a desktop device to use a decentralized exchange. People will be able to download the FibSWAP app on the 4th of January from the Google Play store. The FibSWAP has developed a new type of DEX, Interoperable Multi-chain Bridge System (IMBS), that utilizes FibSWAP’s Smart Algorithm to streamline cross-chain token swaps. Users can use the bridge to swap tokens from one chain to another in a seamless and instant transaction.