FHSU will present scientific documentary


Fort Hays State University will present the documentary film “Picture a Scientist”, from From February 26th to March 2nd. The independent documentary follows a wave of researchers writing a new chapter for female scientists.

Dr Jane Willenbring, one of the scientists featured in the film, will be available with other scientists for questions and discussions at 3pm on March 2.

“Picture a Scientist” brings diversity in science into sharp view at a critical moment. It features geologist Willenbring, chemist Raychelle Burks and biologist Nancy Hopkins, as well as leading social scientists working to understand and reduce gender bias in the sciences. The current pandemic is a call to action for scientists with a multitude of different perspectives to work together globally to defeat COVID-19.

The documentary paints a nuanced and emotional, yet unwavering portrait of the struggles women in science have faced in recent decades while hampered by a system of harassment, discrimination and general prejudice. The film challenges audiences of all backgrounds and genres to question their own implicit prejudices and move towards change.

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