FeU: How the US uses foreign aid money | Regional

  FeU: How the US uses foreign aid money |  Regional

Theisen worked for 30 years in the international arena for the U.S. State Department as vice president of the Institute for International Education, senior sector specialist at the World Bank, a university professor, and as a Peace Corps volunteer in two countries. In this course, Theisen will draw on his work experiences in Pakistan, Afghanistan, South Africa, Ethiopia and the Middle East. He has consulted for several foreign governments and is the author of several books and numerous professional articles on research, policy formation and planning.

This course is not just about absorbing information: while the instructor will offer short presentations and video clips, class time also involves learning exercises and discussion. Bring a sense of curiosity and questioning as we delve into the issues affecting the “developing world,” from political and social realities to the political and systemic causes of poverty, disease and corruption. If you have traveled or worked in a foreign country, this is an opportunity to allow your experience to deepen your understanding, though students will gain much whether or not they have traveled outside the United States. Short, online readings will be encouraged.


  • The fee for the course is $35 with special early bird $5 discount if registration is received by Oct. 19. Register online: visit feuniversity.org and pay via PayPal.

  • Please note COVID-19 protocol for this course: Masks are required. Fe University requests that all students be fully vaccinated. Students will spread out at a safe distance in the Mercer Library conference room.

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