Fayju’s fun sandbox adventure game is coming to Android soon

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For years, the community has been clamoring for an Android version of Amazing Frog. To keep things new and exciting, Android users can expect regular updates and tweaks to the game. Amazing Frog? one of the first sandbox games to provide players complete freedom, promises to constantly surprise players with its bizarre and amazing environment. In addition to the game’s planned Android release, Amazing Frog? V2 has recently gotten a fresh new update that includes some of the original version’s most popular elements, such as the Sewers and the Megladon. Explore Swindon to see what’s new, and keep an eye out for more improvements on the way.

Following a successful iOS debut in 2019, developer Fayju revealed that its entertaining sandbox adventure game Amazing Frog would be arriving to Android smartphones later this year. Android players will get access to all of the current live features accessible in the PC version of Amazing Frog? V2 (the upgraded version of the game). Amazing Frog? is an open-world sandbox game in which players control the superhero Amazing Frogwebby ?’s feet as he creates mayhem around Swindon, United Kingdom. Explore the streets with your trusty pig companion and get involved in a variety of various pranks all across town. Take to the skies with balloons, test the aerodynamics of webbed feet with cannons, or simply unwind with a relaxing swim in a safe environment.


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