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FatCow Web Hosting Reeview

Fatcow is among the earliest hosting providers on the market. And the firm was the one out there. However, other players and as technology began jumping into the business. The business got lost in the crowd. FatCow Hosting Review.

But the company still provides the best in the business services. If you are currently looking to purchase a plan and searching for a FatCow review, then I am here to help out you. In the following article, attempt to answer the majority of the questions that you have on your mind and I will review FatCow.

Sounds good?

Let’s just head into the topic without wasting a lot of the time:

Intro: FatCow

FatCow is among the earliest. The business was launched back in 1998 and since then to be aware of the firm has gained tens of thousands of customers. The company is offering its services in the way. However, you still get to taste the quality of it.

The entire business is focusing on making your experience as better as possible by providing you quality service together with customer service. Additionally, their services designed to everyone and are easy to use.

What kind of services FatCow Offers?
Should you compare FatCow with other hosting providers in the marketplace. You won’t find a hell lot of plans. But yes, the provider offers the same services to you you will need for your industry.

The company began by offering. They are not actually sticking together with shared hosting anymore. Instead, you will find a couple of different kinds of hosting apart from shared hosting on FatCow. These services include VPS Services, WordPress hosting, and Dedicated Servers. And the best part is that you will be able to taste a cheap cost.

Also, the best part is that each of these hosting categories has two or more plans. Consequently, you will be able to choose the hosting that you will need for your company. For instance, if you are thinking about buying WordPress Hosting you are able to pick between WP Starter or WP Essential based on your requirement.

Top Attributes Of FatCow
Hence the question is what kind of features FatCow offers you? You will find rather a great deal that FatCow offers. First of all, the business offers you a free domain name, and this is something that most of the hosting providers don’t provide you. However, the domain is available to your hosting plan that is shared.

Therefore, if you are a first-time website builder you will not require to purchase a domain. Alternatively, you can get it free for your first year. Also as FatCow offers unlimited bandwidth and storage for your site to you. Along with that, you’ll have the ability to begin your blog. Besides, you’ll find a bunch of mailboxes and site templates.

In addition to this, FatCow offers you 30 days money-back guarantee. If you feel there is a better option is available on your hosting requirements. You can ask them for a refund within 30 days, and your request will be processed by them.

FatCow Pricing
Coming to the most important part, which is the pricing of FatCow. There’s not any doubt that FatCow is one of the cheapest. Hence the question is how FatCow is?

To help you understand this question, I am going to mention the pricing. Moreover, FatCow’s best part is they don’t have renewal plans that are expensive hosting providers perform.

Anyhow, here is a quick look at the pricing:

First FatCow Plan
The first hosting plan that they are currently providing is the FatCow Plan. This really is their shared hosting program which has only one plan which costs you only $4.08 per month. As well as there is no discount if you bill for 24 months or 36 weeks. But if you just bill for a month, then it will cost you $5.00.

With this plan, you’ll be getting Disk Space and Bandwidth. You will get a free domain. In addition to that, the organization is offering you some other things and complimentary SSL.

WordPress Blog
There is the WordPress Blog plan that is WordPress Hosting. This group that is hosting has two plans for your own requirements. You can find all the details over here:
WP Starter$3.75/Month        Core hosting plan        Customized control panel

Pre-installed themes & plugins

Support: Standard

WP Essential$6.95/Month        Core hosting plan        Customized control panel

Pre-installed themes & plugins


Enhanced security

Support: WP Experts

VPS Services

If you are looking for VPS hosting, then you check out FatCow’s VPS services. All the VPS Services plans come with features like Instant Deployment, Customizable Configurations, No Excess Usage Billing. Also, for pricing, you can check this table:

Basic$19.99/mo11 GB40 GB1 TB
Business$47.99/mo24 GB90 GB3 TB
Optimum$79.99/mo48GB12 GB4 TB

*Also, these pricing is only applicable on your first term.*

Dedicated Servers

In the end there is the Dedicated servers plan. This plan is also divided into 4 sections and across all the plans you will get to see cheap pricing. Anyway, here is the pricing:

Startup$119.99/mo24 GB500 GB5 TB
Professional$151.99/mo48 GB1000 GB10 TB
Enterprise$191.99/mo416 GB1000 GB15 TB
Pros Of FatCow
Uptime Record
Among the first thing you need to look for any web is your record. How amazing uptime a provider is offering? You must check out this. Because the better downtime a provider will provide the less your site will probably go offline.

While coping with FatCow I figured out that the hosting provider is currently offering a good amount of uptime. Along with that, you’ll be able to taste. If you ask me to the numbers then I would say the uptime record was between 99.85% — 99.9% that’s fairly nice. Even according to their promises they state 999.9% uptime guaranteed. So there is nothing to complain about.

Daily Backup
The second best thing that I loved about them is the backup. You will never know what will happen with your blog later on. You may end up deleting some of the important files from hosting. Or your accounts may get hacked too since there are many other possibilities.

However, when you take a daily backup of your site, it provides you the confidence that if anything goes wrong. It is possible to restore your website back. And this is really where FatCow helps you out. Without no cost, it takes a backup of your site. As well as there is no need to spend on third party apps to have a copy of your website. Nor you have to do the work manually.

Cons Of FatCow
Infinite hosting is very restricted
FatCow might market their solutions as unlimited. There is quite a great deal that you will have to face as you get started using FatCow. These constraints can lead you to account and you may wind up losing your website data. If you’re currently using a lot of bandwidth, storage, CPU time there’s a possibility they will suspend your account. Even when they claim to offer unlimited services. They are not really infinite.
Limited Server Location
Another thing is that Fatcow has a server location that is restricted. The company’s server is only found in the United States. Therefore, in the event that you would like to host your site in Asia or even in another region that would not be possible. If you are mainly from the USA just, then this is not a problem.
Should You Move For FatCow?

Well, I would give you a diplomatic answer over here. FatCow was one of the best companies on the market previously. But now there are lots of competitors. However, nonetheless, the business offers excellent pricing and has plans. Yes, you can go together. If you need services but yeah. Then FatCow is not for.

Final Words:
So that was for the FatCow. Now go ahead and check out this web hosting company and see how it is working for you. In case you have any more questions to ask. Then do feel free to comment below and I will assist you.

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