Fast Share-Android Rolls Out Their New Sharing Feature

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Are you an Android user? So, unlike iOS users, you don’t have the inbuilt feature of fast share data with other Android devices without using any third-party app.

Android users have is NFC and which is not fast enough to share large files. So, how can we send files very fast and easily without using any third-party app?

Here’s the new update from Android that will help us share our data faster without using any third-party app. It’s called Fast Share.

Therefore, now Android is also going to have an inbuilt universal sharing feature just like Apple’s AirDrop. Google will provide us a fast and easy way to share files and data through Wi-Fi Direct.

How Android Fast Share Works 

The Fast Share app will just switch on Bluetooth of your device and search for any other device nearby who is on the same platform. After that, the sender will get an option to send a request and it should be received and accepted by the receiver. Then, the files and data is transferred through Wi-Fi Direct, in a fast and secure way without taking help with any other third-party app.

Benefits of having this feature
  1. The above feature is will come in every Android device. Having this feature will help your device to process faster. It will use less battery life as no third-party app will be used.
  2. This feature will be the fastest and safest way to share your data.
Problems if Fast Share is available
  1. No problems will be faced by users. The major problems will be faced by other Application Companies like Xender, ShareIt, etc. So, they’ll have to face a harder competition.
  2. While using an inbuilt feature, you don’t have control over the presence. It can come and again disappear whenever Android rolls it back in for any updates.

Most importantly, it’ll be good to have an inbuilt feature that will get us rid of those apps and ads directed through the apps.

Let us know about your thoughts on this new upcoming feature by Android.

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