Fake Mi India products worth Rs 33.3 lakh found in Bangalore and Chennai, Xiaomi issues warning for consumers

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Xiaomi has become one of the largest smartphone and smart TV brands in India based on its value for money. However, there have been some unfortunate incidents late in which the company was put in a bad light after some customers ended up buying fake products.

But it looks like such incidents may soon be a thing of the past after a major raid revealed a link involved in counterfeiting Xiaomi products. The company announced that counterfeit products worth an estimated Rs 33.3 lakh were seized from four suppliers in Chennai and three suppliers in Bengaluru during the months of October and November.

According to information shared by the company, local police conducted raids in the two cities after the company filed a complaint as part of its “comprehensive anti-counterfeiting proactive program”. A Xiaomi statement also added that following the registered complaint, police officers along with company representatives seized counterfeit devices from three major stores in the two cities.

Counterfeit Nexus of Xiaomi products exposed

It was revealed that the link involved in counterfeiting products involved local shop owners and suppliers in Bengaluru and Chennai who had been running this business for a long time and managed to sell more unauthorized products to the market during the period, possibly from other brands as well.

Although an exact break has not yet been shared, Xiaomi revealed that over 3000 Xiaomi products consisting of “cell phone cases, headphones, power banks, chargers and earphones” were blocked during the raids. As a result of the raids, shop owners in both cities were arrested for allegedly selling fake Mi India products worth Rs 24.9 lakh and 8.4 lakh respectively.

How to spot counterfeit Xiaomi products

Although this important link involved in counterfeiting Xiaomi products has been broken, there is no guarantee that these are the latest fake Xiaomi products sold freely on the market, especially in cities like Delhi and Mumbai where counterfeiting of electronic items is a problem. great threat.

Therefore, with that in mind, it will be prudent to make sure that as buyers we take just that extra precaution to make sure we pay our hard-earned cash for an original Xiaomi product.

But spotting counterfeit products isn’t as easy as it sounds. However, to help with this, there are some steps that can be followed.

  • Some products carry security codes which can be checked on mi.com to identify the authenticity of the product, eg. Mi Powerbanks, all audio products.
  • The packaging and quality of the retail boxes are very different. You can visit any Mi Home / Mi Store to validate the original packaging.
  • Check the presence of the original Mi India logo on the product to find out if it is authorized. The original packaging logo can be seen on Mi.com
  • All authorized fitness products such as Mi Band will have compatibility with the Mi Fit app.
  • Unauthorized cables are often fragile and break easily.

One of the main nodes involved in counterfeiting Xiaomi devices has been broken. Here’s how you can be sure and spot fake Xiaomi products.

News Underline:

  • Fake Mi India products were seized by suppliers in Chennai and Bengaluru.
  • Products worth around Rs 33 lakh were seized during the raids.
  • Nearly 3000 products have been seized by the police and Xiaomi officials.

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