Facebook’s Ankhi Das questioned by Parliament panel, Amazon team refuses to appear

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Indian politics chief Ankhi Das and his chief executive for India Ajit Mohan on Friday appeared before a parliamentary jury on the issue of data security. The Facebook Representatives from India were asked some difficult and in-depth questions by group members, sources said.

During the meeting, one member suggested that the social media giant should not draw conclusions from its user data for the commercial benefits of its advertisers.

The two main members of Facebook appeared before the panel weeks after a report in the Wall Street Journal noting that Ankhi Das had terminated the content moderation team at Facebook from taking action against some BJP leaders for hate speech.

However, it is understood that the appearance of the two Facebook the executives in front of the panel on Friday were not related to that relationship. Instead, it was all about data security.

Ajit Mohan was also called by a Delhi government committee to be heard related to the use of social media during the Delhi riots earlier this year. However, Mohan refused to appear before that committee and went to court against the summons sent by the Delhi government.

The parliamentary jury also summoned microblogging officials site Twitter for a hearing on October 28 and Google and Paytm on October 29.

Meanwhile, on October 28, e-commerce giant Amazon refused to appear before the joint parliamentary committee on data protection law. According to panel chairman and BJP MP, Meenakshi Lekhi, this amounts to a violation of privileges.

Lekhi said “The panel is unanimous in its view that coercive action can be suggested to the government against the e-commerce company.”

“Amazon refused to appear before the panel on October 28, and if no one on behalf of the e-commerce company appears before the panel, that amounts to a violation of privileges,” he said.

India today Tech contacted both of them Facebook and Amazon for an official statement on the matter. The copy will be updated when we receive input.

Reports Says This Facebook Indian Political Leader Ankhi Das Accused Of Favoring Some BJP Politicians On Social Media site, appeared before a parliamentary committee and was interrogated for over two hours.

News Underline:

  • Ankhi Das chief of politics and India chief Ajit Mohan reportedly appeared before a parliamentary committee.
  • The Amazon team was also called before the panel but does not appear.
  • The panel is exploring views and topics related to the data protection bill.

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