Facebook India policy head Ankhi Das resigns weeks after hate speech controversy

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Ankhi Das is leaving Facebook Tuesday. Das, who was a senior executive who works as director of public policy for the regions of India, South Asia and Central Asia Facebook operations, is kicking off at a pivotal time just as it is facing accusations of distorting the company’s content moderation policy to promote the Bhartiya Jantiya Party (BJP). The BJP will vote against several national and regional political parties in the upcoming elections in Bihar.

Rather, Facebook states that Das’s exit from the company is not due to the ongoing controversy centered around spreading hate speech on the social media platform. It is because he wants to pursue his interest in public service.

In a prepared statement, Ajit Mohan, chief executive of Facebook India said: “Ankhi has decided to leave his role in Facebook to pursue his interest in public service. Ankhi was one of our first employees in India and has played a vital role in the growth of the company and its services over the past 9 years. He has been part of my management team for the past 2 years, a role in which he has made enormous contributions. We are grateful for your service and wish you the best for the future. “

A sting from foreign publications, including The Wall Street Journal and TIME, claimed this in August Facebook did not censor posts published by the BJP and associated accounts under the company’s hate speech policy. A Facebook The executive reportedly said that taking punitive measures against BJP posts “would hurt [its] business prospects. ”Subsequently, this executive was identified as Das who is now leaving the company.

Ankhi Das was the director of public policy for Facebook Operations in India, Central and South Asia.

News Underline:

  • Ankhi Das is going out Facebook after serving 9 years.
  • Das was accused of interfering with the company’s hate speech policy to favor the BJP.
  • Facebook he is saying that Das is leaving the company to pursue personal interests.

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