Expert Raw (beta) is a camera app for photography enthusiasts from Samsung

Expert Raw (beta) is a camera app for photography enthusiasts from Samsung

The RAW format provides the utmost amount of information a camera sensor can capture. The more information there is, the more flexibility a photographer has in the post-processing stage. So, in an answer to the requests of said photography enthusiasts, Samsung has released a beta version of a brand new app called Expert Raw.

Samsung, being a key player in the market, is one of the leading manufacturers of smartphone camera systems. As a result, smartphones like the Galaxy S series have developed a devoted following of photographers. Enthusiasts, on the other hand, are accustomed to having more control over camera settings, allowing them to acquire the exact result they desire from a photograph. The ability to photograph in RAW format is one example of a critical feature.


  • A Samsung community moderator said that thanks to all of the features mentioned above, RAW shots will have improved detail and dynamic range. For now, the Expert Raw app will only work on the Galaxy S21 Ultra and Android 12. If you own an S21 Ultra, you can download it from the Samsung store. As for whether it will come to other phones, the community moderator also said that the app will come to the Galaxy S21+ and Galaxy Tab S5E.

  • The original camera app that comes with Samsung phones is very versatile on its own, especially on the flagship level. However, Expert Raw offers even more options than that in the form of Linear DNG 16 bit RAW for all four cameras: wide, ultra-wide, telephoto, and periscope. Samsung releases Expert Raw (beta): a photography enthusiast camera app. Additionally, Expert Raw has support for HDR and lossless JPEG. The app also includes pro mode controls such as shutter speed, exposure, manual focus, ISO, and histogram. You even get the ability to export RAW profiles to Adobe‚Äôs Lightroom photo editing software.

Things are a bit more uncertain for older models, though. According to the moderator, Samsung is currently reviewing the app for older and less powerful models. It would be nice if we see this app become available for the Galaxy S20 series, for instance. If not, then at the very least it is possible that the Galaxy Z Fold 3, Galaxy Z Flip 3, and the regular Galaxy s21 get it.