Exclusive photos leaked appear to show Google’s first wristwatch, the Pixel Watch

Exclusive photos leaked appear to show Google's first wristwatch, the Pixel Watch

A Google Pixel Watch was apparently left and found at a restaurant in the U.S., and the images sent by a source to Android Central look like what could be Google’s first smartwatch. Android Central has reviewed the images of the watch that could be announced during Google I/O next month. It’s possible that the watch itself could be released alongside the Pixel 7.

Many of the rumours about the Google Pixel Watch have come true if this is the final design. What could be the Pixel Watch was left and found at a restaurant in the United States, according to a source who supplied the photographs to Android Central. The photographs of what could be the watch appear to confirm a number of rumours, including the watch’s minimalist design, crown, and a possible hidden button. The watch appears to have Google-exclusive bands. We don’t know how charging will work because the watch doesn’t come with one.


  • If the images are real, this is the first time that we have seen the rumored watch dubbed “Rohan.” 9to5Google found the code hidden in a Google update indicating that the Pixel Watch will use an Exynos chipset, rather than the Snapdragon model found in most Wear OS 3-eligible watches. The watch in our images looks almost identical to leaks of rumored rendered images. It has a minimalist design and follows what leaks have suggested a screen with hardly any bezels. The image also confirms one of the rumored colors that the watch will come in: black.

  • The source, who we have left anonymous to protect their identity, said the watch, which could be “a testing model for the Internal Pixel team,” was found at a restaurant. The source requested Android Central to not publish their name or the restaurant name, including location, in order to protect their job. Become a Data Scientist. No technical background required. The leak is very reminiscent of when Gizmodo reported about the iPhone 4 prototype that was lost and found at a bar. The phone was camouflaged to look like.


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