Even with its 200W increase, Vivo’s upcoming 200W smartphone charging solution still surpasses that of OPPO

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Vivo is currently said to have a new, world-beating 200W power standard ready to go in a new smartphone, which might be released through its high-performance iQOO brand following a July 2022 launch. This rumored 10 Pro thus potentially stands to become the fastest-charging smartphone in the world on that date – however, OPPO may be poised to supercede it before its product cycle ends.

By the end of 2022, it is anticipated that smartphones will have rapid charging technology that exceeds the 150 watt (W) restriction currently in place. With a new 240W standard, OPPO apparently wants to go even further. It appears to be undergoing testing at the OEM’s facilities right now, although it might still be plagued by some serious problems when compared to current or potential future solutions.


  • According to the leaker Digital Chat Station, OPPO’s engineers have put 240W SuperVOOC into testing since. However, the emerging standard has apparently hit an ever-looming stumbling block well known to this part of the industry: temperature.

  • The company – a sister subsidiary of Vivo’s under the BBK Electronics umbrella – had demoed its test devices with 240W charging (slated to launch as 240W SuperVOOC) at MWC 2022, along with claims of 0-100% charging sessions cut down to just 9 minutes using the new technology.

The OPPO K10 Pro is the world’s first Snapdragon 888-powered smartphone with 80W charging 04/24/2022. The OnePlus Ace borrows features from other BBK Electronics devices, like SUPERVOOC charging and ColorOS. (Image source: OnePlus). OnePlus Ace: New mid-range smartphone debuts in China with a MediaTek Dimensity 8100 MAX chipset, ColorOS 12.1 and 150 W SUPERVOOC charging 04/21/2022. The Dimensity 8000-MAX is on the way. (Source: OPPO)
The OPPO K10 5G will launch in April 2022 with a Dimensity 8000-MAX SoC 04/18/2022

The OEM (often referred to as “the green factory” on China’s Weibo) reportedly still finds controlling heat accumulation in 240W SuperVOOC prototypes difficult, to the extent that it cannot get it to charge any faster than the 200W counterpart from Vivo (“the blue factory”). Therefore, the former might still have much more work to do before it can outdo its sibling company in terms of smartphone charging speeds. OPPO is hit with a demand for US$550 million from Indian authorities over a new import duty scandal 07/16/2022

The OnePlus 10R could be an Indian exclusive. (Image source: OnePlus). OnePlus 10R launch confirmed for April 28 with 80W SUPERVOOC and 150W SUPERVOOC variants 04/14/2022. OnePlus’ latest charging tech is not for all 10 Pro units. (Source: OnePlus). The OnePlus 10 Pro ships in the US and Canada without the latest SuperVOOC charging tech 03/31/2022. A leaked 150W charging teaser. OnePlus’ first-gen 150W smartphone is set for launch thanks to a new 3D certification 03/12/2022

The Find X5 Lite makes an MWC debut. (Source: OPPO). The OPPO Find X5 Lite is Europe’s latest Dimensity 900-powered smartphone 02/24/2022. The Flash Pro series. Chargeasap releases its latest Flash Pro-series power banks from crowdfunding to general retail 01/13/2022. The latest Reno7 Pro variant. OPPO releases a League of Legends-branded 50W slim charger alongside a matching Reno7 Pro special edition 12/07/2021. These kinds of charging rates are hard to take seriously, to be honest, based on the hard limits of current battery technology and basic physics.

Even stacking cells in parallel, it seems unlikely that a smartphone would be able to achieve a battery pack voltage of much more than 20V, not least because of the inefficiencies of having to step such a voltage back down again to meet the likely sub 2V needed by the SoC. In that case, you’re talking about approximately 10A of current, which is just preposterous. And even if you magically managed to get around substantive heating due to resistance, even at a 99% efficiency, the phone will likely be over 50 degrees Celsius, or hotter, in a matter of seconds with even just 2.4W of heating. I became a professional writer and editor shortly after graduation. My degrees are in biomedical sciences; however, they led to some experience in the biotech area, which convinced me of its potential to revolutionize our health, environment and lives in general. This developed into an all-consuming interest in more aspects of tech over time: I can never write enough on the latest electronics, gadgets and innovations. My other interests include imaging, astronomy, and streaming all the things. Oh, and coffee.


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