EVE Online players are protesting the proposed mining changes

EVE Online players are protesting the proposed mining changes

Although the game may be most notorious for its massive spaceship battles, there are many reasons for EVE Online’s popularity and longevity. One of them is the incredibly complex and detailed in-game economy created by interactions between players and the game world–and which can be significantly altered by minor tweaks to the game mechanics.

The space-faring MMORPG EVE Online recently concluded a lengthy in-game conflict that lasted over a year, but players appear to be turning their wrath on a new foe: the game’s makers. Players attempted to return to a more relaxed way of operations after the conflicts of World War Bee ended, only to discover that CCP Games had proposed some contentious changes to EVE Online’s industrial systems in a new developer blog.


  • Some players argued that making mining riskier and increasing the odds of resources being lost would lead corporations to ban new EVE Online players from mining activities, put the construction of capital ships out of reach of many players, and reinforce the position of existing corporations over new ones. It might also make it impossible for players who spent a lot on their mining rigs to make those rigs profitable. Even worse, the proposed changes would make the process of mining time-consuming and clunky

  • Reportedly, EVE Online players resented some proposed alterations to the way the game handles mining operations–specifically, the addition of new systems for mineral compression and wastage. The existing mechanics have miners compress materials automatically, but the new mechanics would require miners to compress materials manually at a rate determined by skill–and the number of compression modules a player has installed on their mining ship. Although EVE Online recently added more resources to the game, many players seem to believe that doesn’t outweigh the additional expenses created by these proposed changes, especially since a number of mining ships are also being nerfed.


While some changes to EVE Online such as the Project Discovery initiative have been welcomed by players, this one has been thoroughly rejected. According to CCP, player feedback is very important to the developers, which is why the proposed compression mechanics have already been dropped. Product director Snorri Árnason stated that the mechanics “sounded better on paper” and that the timer for how long the compression would take was set for far too long. It was supposed to make mining more interesting, but as the developers appear to have missed the mark on what players actually want, CCP is just pulling the function entirely.