Eve Light Strip Gets HomeKit Adaptive Lighting, Eve Cam Gets HomeKit Secure Video

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Eve Systems has released updates for Eve Light Strip and Eve Cam to bring HomeKit Adaptive Lighting and HomeKit Secure Video.

HomeKit adaptive lighting

HomeKit Adaptive Lighting is an iOS 14 feature that allows certain lighting products to automatically adjust the color temperature during the day. It is similar to Night Shift in that the lights will slowly change from warm white in the morning, cool white at noon, and reduce blue light in the evening. This feature requires that you have an Apple TV or HomePod that acts as a hub for your smart home products.

Jerome Gackel, CEO, Eve Systems:

Eve products are characterized by simplicity and privacy. By leveraging HomeKit, we combine these attributes with an ever-expanding set of powerful features. iOS 14 takes Eve accessories to another level by adding advanced features to Eve Cam and turning Eve Light Strip into the first lighting solution to support the amazing Adaptive Lighting mode.

Eve Light Strip will be the first of the company’s lighting products to receive it. It’s available for $ 79.95, and a 6.5-foot extension will cost $ 49.95.

Eve Cam

HomeKit Secure Video

The other update concerns HomeKit Secure Video coming to Eve Cam. With this feature, the Home app analyzes video recordings of products like Eve Cam with facial recognition and motion activity. This analysis is done privately on your device before uploading them to iCloud. You will need at least 200GB of iCloud storage to store video streams.

An Apple TV with tvOS 14 can view the Eve Cam live stream in the Control Center. Eve Cam is available for US $ 149.95 and the Eve app is free on the App Store.


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