EU to Appeal Apple-Ireland Tax Judgement

The EU Commission intends to appeal against a decision according to which Apple does not have to refund 13 billion euros in taxes, the latest turning point in a long-standing dispute. “The Commission has decided to appeal to the European Court of Justice against the July 2020 General Court ruling in the Apple State aid case in Ireland, which overturned the Commission decision of August 2016 that Ireland had granted illegal state aid to Apple through selective tax breaks, “European Commission Executive Vice President Margrethe Vestager said in a statement on Friday.

Apple says the EU appeal “will not change the factual conclusions” of the previous ruling

“The court ruling raises important legal issues that are relevant to the Commission in its application of state aid rules to tax planning cases. The Commission also respectfully considers that the General Court committed a number of errors of law in its judgment. For this reason, the Commission is taking the matter to the European Court of Justice, “Ms Vestager said.” Getting all companies, large and small, to pay their fair share of taxes remains a top priority for the Commission “.

Apple has always insisted that it pay all taxes due. He said an appeal “will not change the Court’s factual findings, which show that we have always respected the law in Ireland, as we do wherever we do business,” the Associated Press reported. The Irish government, likewise, has always been clear not to offer illegal state aid to Apple.