Estimated release date for Android 13

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Based on this information, plus previous Android OS releases, we’d say August-September 2022 is a realistic time window for the Android 13 release date, and it’s unlikely to run on later than this. Unfortunately, the official release date of the final version of Android 13 isn’t necessarily when you’ll be able to run it on your phone. Google Pixel phones from the Google Pixel 4 onwards (earlier models won’t support it) will be the first to receive the update, essentially getting it instantaneously after the official release date. It’s not yet clear when and for what model phones Samsung, Vivo, OnePlus, and the like will be supporting Android 13, but we’ll be keeping an eye on them as the release date comes closer.

Even though Google disclosed a timeline for Android 13 to the good ol’ boys at Android Authority, we do have a general notion of when it will be launched. The schedule projects the Android 13 Beta releases through July 2022, followed by the OS’s Final Release. You can see this in the figure below. It’s unclear when month this would be; it’s possible that Google itself hasn’t committed to an August 2022 release, just in case bug-testing and development continue into September.


  • The Android 13 release date history for each of the betas so far is as follows. You can expect to see at least one more of these in July between now and the full release of the operating system: From halcyon days playing Sonic 2 on the Megadrive, to trying to work out how to make the ‘TOASTY!’ man appear on Mortal Kombat 3, many of Aaron’s fondest childhood memories are associated with gaming. He regrets nothing. First getting into PC gaming through exposure to Drug Lord 2.0 and then the original Half Life, he has been a fiend ever since. If you need to know anything about gaming laptops, he’s your guy.

  • If you can’t wait for the full Android 13 release, you can always sign up to the Beta, which will give you advanced access to the smartphone operating system. Be advised though that there are risks in signing up to any OS beta, which may necessitate a complete reboot of your phone, wiping any of the data you have on the device. Backing up the data on your phone beforehand is one potential solution to this, but it may be easier for you to run the Android 13 beta on a separate phone to your main device.

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