Epic Games Joins Spotify, Tile, ProtonMail in Coalition Against Apple

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Several companies have created the Coalition for App Fairness (CAF) as a way to work together to fight Apple and the App Store rules.

Coalition for App Fairness

Coalition members include:

  • Base camp
  • Blix
  • Blockchain.com
  • Deezer
  • Epic games
  • The Council of European Publishers
  • Match Group
  • News Media Europe
  • Get ready
  • ProtonMail
  • SkyDemon
  • Spotify
  • Tile

By calling the App Store rules “onerous and arbitrary”, CAF believes it can fight for legal and regulatory changes that “preserve consumer choice and a level playing field” for app developers. These companies are frustrated with Apple’s tariffs and rules and don’t want Apple to interfere with their customer relationships. The announcement offers many quotes from these founders and CEOs, such as Ben Volach, founder of Blix:

Apple has consistently pursued a centralization and monopolization of its services, resulting in a crippling control over the activities of app developers who exclude, limit and block them from Apple platforms. Today, app developers depend on Apple’s power over app distribution to operate on the essential platforms it has built and controls as the ultimate gatekeeper. It’s time for Apple to act fairly towards the ecosystem that made it what it is today.

The Coalition for App Fairness invites more companies to join its cause.

What does it mean?

Apparently, these companies are specifically joining together not to have more bargaining power with Apple, but to put pressure on regulators who can force Apple to change to meet the coalition’s goals. This year, Apple opened the app review process so developers can suggest changes to the guidelines. It is possible that these companies have already tried and failed, and therefore are forming a coalition. But they don’t mention it.


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