Entrepreneur Tuscaloosa reacts to court ruling against vaccination and test warrant

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Homer Perry kept a close eye on how the court would rule and admitted he wasn’t just glad, but relieved.

One West Alabama business owner was somewhat surprised by the court’s ruling, but in the end, was very happy with it.


  • Perry owns one of the more popular restaurants in Tuscaloosa. With a number of employees toiling away during lunch hour, Perry shudders at the thought of having to enforce a government policy some may not have wanted; mandatory vaccinations and testing. Perry says about half of his employees voluntarily got vaccinated some time ago.

  • “Just not having to go through having everybody tested,” said Perry.

Others decry the ruling, claiming it now puts the lives of millions of workers at risk. Perry says he understands the argument but still felt the government’s intent was a bit of an overreach.

“I’m sure every employee had been tested, just checking everything, but usually if they have symptoms they don’t come in,” he said.

“If you want to do it, do it. If you don’t, don’t,” Perry said.

Homer Perry says his policy at the diner is quite simple; if an employee feels bad, they go home.

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