Editorial: With the ransomware crisis resolved, the city is ready to get back to work | editorial

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Resolving the ransomware crisis now leaves the city to take on more normal and necessary tasks that had to be put on the back burner for months.

It’s money well spent if it means keeping city operations running smoothly and securely. Cybercrime isn’t a fading trend; it’s growing, and vigilance will be needed to keep up with the new ways cybercriminals will try to harm entities like the city of Tulsa.


  • The city should also be able to carry out the more routine online tasks that have been on hold for so long, something we’re sure Tulsa residents will be happy to see.

  • One of those was the Tulsa Police Department’s initiative to start an internal Use of Force Board. Implementation of the board was stalled because important software and electronic records were compromised by the ransomware attack. We are anticipating that effort now getting underway.

Recovery from the ransomware attack has been a grueling process for the city, and we’re appreciative of the efforts made to overcome it. We also commend city officials for their foresight in implementing measures to prevent future attacks.


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