EA resubmits patent that details an adaptive difficulty system

EA resubmits patent that details an adaptive difficulty system

Tech News: EA resubmits patent that details an adaptive difficulty system.

EA has filed another patent describing an adaptive difficulty system that could be a boon if you’re struggling to progress into one of EA’s single-player titles. However, the company pointed out that the “dynamic difficulty adjustment” system will not be used in the online multiplayer modes of its games, including FIFA, Madden and NHL.

The patent, originally reported by OpAttack, not only focuses on organically adjusting the difficulty based on player performance, it also has the main goal of keeping players engaged and consistently progressing throughout their playing session.

Adaptive Difficulty provides a way for games to regulate how easy or difficult a game can be. Often this is based on how a player copes with the challenges presented. For example, if you’re battling a boss, a game can adjust the difficulty a bit behind the scenes, making the game easier without the player noticing.

The patent was filed in 2016, but resubmitted last October and published on March 25, 2021. The abstract details the system’s intent to “perform automatic granular adjustments of difficulty” that would not be visible to the player.

While this isn’t new – many games have experienced adaptation difficulty for years – EA’s patent seems to go a step further by not only predicting how long someone’s play session will last, but also by adjusting the challenge to allow for progression. comfortable and constant within it. time frame.