DxOMark tests Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra camera, ranks it lower than Vivo and Xiaomi phones

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Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra is an expensive phone. In India its price starts at Rs 104,999 and is a good phone, like Theultramods Tech found in his review. However, its camera surpassed DxOMark reviews, which are more focused technical and objective aspects such as sharpness in photos instead of subjective impression, and it was found that the phone’s cameras are not the best. DxOMark awarded the Note20 Ultra 121 points, which is lower than that of phones such as Vivo X50 Pro Plus and Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra.

Interestingly, the Vivo and Xiaomi phones cost significantly less than the Note20 Ultra.

In its conclusion, DxOMark notes: “For the most part, the image quality of the Note20 Ultra 5G is excellent. The main disappointment, however, is the zoom capabilities of the Note20 Ultra 5G at close and medium range, which undermine otherwise excellent performance. and prevent the device from the highest position in the DXOMARK Camera database “.

In the “cons” section of the conclusion, websites, which specialize in reviewing the camera hardware, highlight that the Galaxy Note20 Ultra camera suffers from:

– Visible noise, especially in low light conditions.

– Autofocus instability in reference laboratory conditions

– Visible noise and artifacts in ultra wide angle shots

Autofocus issues are also highlighted for video as DxOMark notes, “Autofocus instability in most conditions” when using the Galaxy Note20 Ultra for video recording.

At the same time, in the “pro” section of the Galaxy Note20 Ultra camera, DxOMark highlights:

– Bright and pleasant color

– Precise target exposure and wide dynamic range

– Acceptable level of detail

When it comes to video recording, the DxOMark commends the Galaxy Note20 Ultra for its “effective stabilization in still video by hand”.

Just to give you a background, here are some details about the Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra camera. On the front, the phone is equipped with a 10 megapixel front camera. But it’s on the back where Samsung poured some top-notch hardware, which, sadly, wasn’t enough to convince DxOMark. On the back, the Galaxy Note20 Ultra has a main camera that uses a 108 megapixel image sensor. Then there’s a telephoto camera with a 12-megapixel image sensor and another with a wide-angle lens that uses another 12-megapixel sensor. Optical zoom up to 5X and hybrid zoom (read digital) up to 50X is supported.

Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra has four rear cameras, one of which has a 50X zoom. Now DxOMark has tested the phone and awarded it a score of 121 points, lower than that obtained by the Vivo X50 Pro Plus or Mi 10 Ultra.

News Underline:

  • DxOMark gives Galaxy Note20 Ultra cameras 121 points.
  • Phones such as Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra and Vivo X50 Pro Plus are ranked higher than Note20 Ultra.
  • In comparison, the Note20 Ultra is a more expensive phone with its price tag of Rs 104,999.

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