During the New World Twitch Stream, Shroud’s power supply “explodes”

During the New World Twitch Stream, Shroud's power supply

Shroud is one of the many streamers who have capitalized on the huge popularity of New World despite offering some criticism and had been streaming for six hours when his stream and game came to an abrupt yet brief halt. Viewers were unsure as to why the streamer had gone offline, however, after a few minutes Shroud returned to explain that his UPS had actually exploded which was the cause for the outage.

New World has been making waves ever since it was released on September 28th, however, the attention it has been receiving has not all been good. Some gamers have come forward to claim that New World has been causing their GPUs to overheat and now famous Twitch streamer Shroud was playing the title when his Universal Power Supply (UPS) exploded and ended his stream prematurely.


  • Soon after this, however, the stream came to an end as Shroud’s temporary fix did not seem to last all that long and thus the broadcast was stopped for the night. If anything Shroud should be happy he got into a game at all considering the ridiculous queue time wait to get into a New World server.

  • Shroud did not seem to be exceptionally concerned about the matter stating, “That was f****** crazy. I have never had a UPS explode like that before, that was crazy, that was cool. It scared the s*** out of me but it was cool.” This seemed to catch the friends he was playing with by surprise as they most likely expected him to be more concerned about his hardware.

New World seems to be a successful venture for Jeff Bezos and Amazon Game Studios and hopefully, it will be the start of many more good things to come. The more pressing issue, however, is the fact that New World is supposedly cooking peoples’ GPUs and the fact that people are still buying and playing the game despite that. All in all, we can only hope that Amazon Game Studios will be able to resolve the issue so gamers can grind New World to their heart’s content.

The streamer took to Twitter after his stream went down to explain the situation to his viewers, “Trying to figure out my power issue after the surge last night. May or may not stream tonight…. one things for sure though the grind for new world don’t STOP,” Shroud although slightly critical of New World seems to be enjoying the title which is something that many people can agree with. The success of New World has also made Amazon Executive Chairman Jeff Bezos exceptionally happy.