dunnhumby Code Combat live with over 3000 recordings in three days

• Calling the best programmers, programmers, and tech enthusiasts interested in competitive coding and problem solving to compete for a cash prize of over 3 lacs GURUGRAM, India, Jan 20, 2021 / PRNewswire / – dunnhumby India, a global leader in data science of customers, announced the second edition of their competitive coding and troubleshooting event – Code Combat 2.0, in partnership with TechGig, India’s largest tech community. Code Combat 2.0 brings together the best programmers, programmers and tech enthusiasts from across India and challenges them to creatively solve a complex problem in a controlled environment over time, seeing how they behave under pressure.

dunnhumby, one of India’s fastest growing customer data science companies, has a workforce of nearly 700 employees from all over the country. Since the country was shut down, the company has expanded its team with over 150 professionals through virtual hiring and onboarding. dunnhumby India expects to grow at a similar pace over the next few years.

Manoj Madhusudanan, head of dunnhumby India, adds: “For dunnhumby, India is the key strategic location for high-quality technology talent on a large scale. With a resounding success of the first edition with over 7,500 attendees, we are excited and confident that this second edition will see more participation as we continue to seek out more opportunities like these to celebrate the tremendous developer talent available in the country. “In this second edition of Code Combat, the dunnhumby team has raised the bar with two challenges to match competitive skill sets across multiple levels. As the C # path continues to attract those interested in competitive coding, the new path, i.e. ML / Python, is intended for data science advocates to showcase their data science skills combined with their business problem solving skills. Participants will be judged not only on their modeling skills but also on their understanding of the business, solution scalability, innovation, creativity, design and effectiveness of the solution.

There are some fantastic prizes up for grabs, including cash prizes worth INR 3.00,000. The challenges are already active and you can register here.

About dunnhumby India: Founded in 2008, dunnhumby India is a hub of data engineering, data science and product development with deep expertise in pricing and promotions, category management, customer insight, customer engagement and media distribution . Teams in India play a key role for clients spread across the globe at different stages of their journey with dunnhumby. With a long history of data science and software development and the ability to attract exceptional talent by encouraging a culture of innovation, agility and flexibility, the Indian office is at the heart of global dunnhumby, influencing the success of the entire customer network. It is at the forefront of developing best-of-breed products and science using a variety of techniques and tools including highly scalable cloud-hosted models, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

About dunnhumbydunnhumby is the global leader in customer data science, enabling businesses around the world to compete and thrive in the modern data-driven economy. We always put the customer first. Our mission: to enable companies to grow and reinvent themselves by becoming supporters and supporters of their customers. With a deep heritage and expertise in retail – one of the most competitive markets in the world, with a deluge of multidimensional data – dunnhumby today enables companies around the world, in all industries, to be Customer First. The dunnhumby Customer Data Science Platform is our unique mix of technology, software and consulting, enabling businesses to increase revenue and profits by delivering exceptional customer experiences – in-store, offline and online. dunnhumby employs over 2,500 office experts in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas who work for iconic and transformative brands such as Tesco, Coca-Cola, Meijer, Procter & Gamble, Raley’s, L’Oréal and Monoprix. More information at www.dunnhumby.com Logo: https://mma.prnewswire.com/media/1216769/Dunnhumby__Logo.jpg Photo: https://mma.prnewswire.com/media/1423968/dunnhumby.jpg PDF: https: // mma.prnewswire.com/media/1423969/dunnhumby_Announces_Code_Combat_2.pdf PWRPWR

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  • Code Combat 2.0 brings together the best programmers, programmers and tech enthusiasts from across India and challenges them to creatively solve a complex problem in a time-controlled environment while observing how they behave under pressure. from all over the country.
  • dunnhumby Code Combat live with over 3000 recordings in three days