Doug Bowser from Nintendo praises the “very fun” skateboarding game OlliOlli World

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Roll7 responded to Doug, acknowledging how “rad” he was for playing the game through. It seems Doug has a bit of a soft spot for the skateboarding genre, as he was a bit of a skateboarding legend back in his younger years. Even the Birdman Tony Hawk would be impressed.

We’re used to hearing about the games Xbox’s Phil Spencer is playing, but what’s Nintendo of America’s president Doug Bowser been enjoying recently? It seems he actually completed OlliOlli World not long ago – congratulating British developer Roll7 on creating a “super fun skateboarding x side scrolling platformer”. If you’ve played this game, you’ll know it’s no easy feat.


  • Last month, Roll7 released its first major story expansion update for OlliOlli World titled Void Riders. If you’ve not already played the base game, it’s well worth a look. In our own Nintendo Life, we gave it 9/10 and our sister website Pure Xbox also awarded it with the same score. Read More: OlliOlli World Review (Switch eShop). Now, if only Doug could get in contact with Tony Hawk and the other required parties to help get the remasters of Pro Skater 3 + 4 back on track…From the news


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