Don’t waste your money: work from home scams

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Laurie Obermeyer is a freelance graphic designer who lost a lot of work during the pandemic and needed something a little more stable. So she started job hunting on LinkedIn and Monster and found a great paying graphics position.

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  • The company, Granite Construction of Lansing, said she was perfect. But, first, she needed to send money for equipment. “They were going to send me somethings to build a remote office, a Mac,” she explained.

  • “They contacted me, said they looked at my resume,” Obermeyer said.

After a little online research, Obermeyer realized it was all a scam to get her money. But, she was not the only one. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has issued an alert about scams like this. Sara Kemerer, of the BBB, says to confirm any opening with the company before giving out personal information or money.

Don’t Waste Your Money: Cruises during the pandemic

“Go to the company’s official career page on their website, and see if you can match the job listing on there to the one you found on the employment website,” Kemerer said.

abc27 contacted Granite, which says it is aware of the scam and has a warning on its employment page. As for the officers who signed her employment agreement?

DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY on “They said they had no clue who these people were,” Obermeyer said.

Finally, look at the email address of recruiters who contact you. If it is a Gmail address, that is a major red flag. So be aware and don’t waste your money.


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