Does the heat save you money for snow clearing?

Does the heat save you money for snow clearing?

Because winter’s been so mild, you might be thinking ‘why did I pay for the season’, but winter’s not over yet, and we could end up with a ton of snow.

“If it’s a bad winter they’re going to have the extra revenue from the per-time customers, but they have the steady income form the contracts to pay their bills and their employees.”


  • The City of Utica’s Department of Public Works hasn’t done much plowing, but DPW Commissioner David Short says that doesn’t mean they’re not working.

  • “In the long-term from one year to the other if a customer’s with you it’s going to work out for everybody.”

The City has to pay thousands of dollars for salt, whether they use it or not.

“We’ve had some freezing rain, some sleet, so that means we have to go out and salt a little bit.”

“Long range forecast doesn’t show anything happening until mid-January, and all bets are off after that.”

So while salt usage can be hard to predict, what about those trucks that aren’t being used?

“Fuel cost goes down a little bit, I mean especially if we’re not running snowplows.” City DPW trucks aren’t on the road plowing every day, but does that really make a big difference in fuel costs at the end of the year?

“Once we get into full blown winter that could mean nothing by the time we’re done by the end of the season.” If there is a cost savings, the money typically goes into a general fund used to pay for other City services.