Do you want your money back? How cruise lines handle COVID refunds

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But like so many others, the 2020 trip wouldn’t happen because of COVID-19.

Sherli Skinner along with family and friends were ready for a cruise to Alaska. It would be her daughter’s graduation trip.


  • But she says Norwegian Cruise Lines had other ideas.

  • “Come end of April, they canceled all the cruises. That’s when we said, ‘hey let’s just get our money back,’” Sherli says.

And Sherli didn’t want a travel voucher either, so the family let me know.

“They said if you want your money back, you can only get 20% of it back. I said, ‘oh, I don’t think so.’”

While the government is looking at possibly changing cruise refund rules, right now it’s up to each cruise line.

During the COVID pandemic, most cruise lines wanted to give vouchers for future cruises but many of those cruises were also canceled.

Brenda and Desiree agreed to a voucher that would be 125% of what they originally paid for their canceled Norwegian cruise. “We had no idea a year and a half later we were still not going,” Brenda says.

With more cruises canceled, they too asked for a refund “I said, ‘aren’t there any exceptions?’ She said, ‘it’s against our policy,’” she says.

When they let me know, we took it to Norwegian Cruise Lines and asked about a refund. And since we last saw the couple, they received some good news about their $2,300.

“The next day Christie from Norwegian called me,” Sherli told me. Norwegian refunded Sherli her full $7,100.

We also took Sherli’s plea to Norwegian Cruise Lines and let Sherli know they would be contacting her. Their email says “we got our refund today thank you for everything and all your help.”