Ditching Google Chrome resulted in one colossal benefit

The abandonment of Google Chrome has led to a colossal advantage

Tech News: Ditching Google Chrome resulted in one colossal benefit.

After a year of blocking, I’m on the road again. Me, my laptops, my other gadgets and my off-grid kit to keep everything charged. But the faster my gadgets run out of power, the more I have to charge them and the more I have to charge them, the more pressure I am exerting on my portable power plant.

For the past few months, I’ve been dabbling with Google Chrome dumping. What started out as a lightweight alternative for the lazy incumbent it has itself become the lazy incumbent. She became a bloated battery and a memory pig. Not what I want on the road.

The laptop had a nominal battery life of around 10 hours, but I would have gotten around six hours. I attributed this to system operation and perhaps some battery wear for good measure.

But it was interesting how Google Chrome always shows up as Significant Power Usage under the battery icon in the menu bar and under Energy Impact and 12 Hour Power in Activity Monitor.

It’s a similar story on my Dell XPS 13 Windows 10 system. This isn’t as useful as mine MacBook, but changing from From Google Chrome to Microsoft Edge I have about 90 minutes of additional battery life on this system.

It’s like getting a new battery. If there is one thing that pushes me to make the switch from Google Chrome for lighter browsers, better battery life would be that thing.