Destiny’s confusing story really makes sense as D&D game

The Destiny franchise is home to some of the strangest video game traditions ever conceived. How strange? Well, like many others I have played Destiny 2 for hundreds of hours without even once committing myself adequately to the fact that my player character was an undead superhero spiritually tied to a sentient robotic construct powered by a benevolent but unknowable … planetoid. .

I mainly liked the shot pieces.

However, a fan-created RPG based on Dungeons & Dragons gave me a window into Destiny lore that no amount of Grimoire pages could provide. Is called Dungeon and destiny, and I think it represents everything that makes tabletop RPG great.

“But wait,” I can hear you say, “how come teams of lawyers didn’t participate in this fan project and gutted it like a mob of fallen armed with blades?” Well, there’s a terribly good reason for that.

It turns out that the publisher of Dungeons & Dragons, Wizards of the Coast, offers something called the system reference document. Also known as SRD, contains everything you need to play a basic version of D&D. You can download it for free from the company’s website, but it’s …

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