Destiny 2 is sunsetting sunset

Destiny 2 is setting the sunset

Tech News: Destiny 2 is sunsetting sunset.

Bungie announced today that it is eliminating Destiny 2’s most besieged mechanic: sunset. Starting in season 14, new weapons will no longer have an expiration date.

“This is a major change for Destiny and we have not taken it lightly,” wrote assistant to game director Joe Blackburn in an extensive new State of Destiny post on the Bungie website. “However, we feel there is nothing more important in Destiny than getting our fair rewards.”

The sunset, introduced in last fall’s Beyond Light expansion, gave every piece of loot in the game, except the Exotics, an infusion cap that prevented players from from increasing its potency after one year from when it was first added to the game. This has effectively given any item that players have worked hard to grind to an expiration date. The equipment could still be used in non-power oriented activities like Crucibles and patrols, but in raids and other endgame content it would no longer be viable. The purpose of the deadline was to better balance and focus Destiny 2’s loot, but players have understandably been frustrated to see their favorite weapons become obsolete. Less than a year after the mechanic’s announcement, Bungie is already changing course.

“We have decided that any weapon or armor that can currently be infused with maximum power will permanently remain capable of achieving maximum power,” Blackburn wrote. “Starting in season 14, we will no longer limit the infusion of weapons or armor that have not yet reached the limit from the start of season 13. That means you can bring your trustee, your falling guillotine, and any high-level armor you’ve earned this year to take on the witch queen raid. “However, any weapon that’s already in the sun will remain so.