Despite not being available on Google Play, Fortnite Galaxy Cup 2.0 has been announced for Android gamers

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Like the previous tournament and events before it, players will have the chance to compete for the possibility of unlocking the new Galaxy skin in Fortnite. The original Fortnite Galaxy skin is still one of the best released for the title, so this is an exciting moment. Unfortunately, as you might expect, the Fortnite Galaxy Cup 2.0 is only happening for the Android users out there. This is no surprise since the Galaxy phones are on Android, but this is something that you should keep in mind if you are interested in participating and picking up these rewards.

Epic Games will host the next Fortnite battle royale event for a short period. This time, unlike the last Fortnite Gamora Cup, it is not a superhero. Instead, it brings back a fan favourite from the beginning: the Fortnite Galaxy Cup 2.0 is coming shortly. Epic Games has announced that Fortnite Galaxy Cup 2.0 will be released later this month, and will be the latest edition of the Galaxy series of Fortnite events. The Samsung Galaxy has been associated with the battle royale game since its inception, with the notorious Galaxy event serving as one of the pivotal moments.


  • However, you can, fortunately, still play the game natively on Android; you have to resort to other means of doing so. This includes downloading the Epic Games Store for mobile as a third-party app or through the Samsung Galaxy Store, which is also an option.

  • This means that players on iOS (that already cannot play Fortnite right now without outside sources) and the console and PC players will be unable to check it out. This limits the experience to Android users, though you can always sign in with your typical Fortnite account from another version and participate on that platform if you are interested. What makes this whole Fortnite Galaxy Cup 2.0 situation weird on Android is that you cannot even download and install the game through the Google Play Store. Like the App Store on iOS, Google banned Fortnite in its proprietary store on Android for the foreseeable future.

It will take place later this month on Sunday, August 29, 2021, and will feature a solo tournament, which is unique given that most of the themed tournaments lately have been duos. Furthermore, the solo players in the event will not participate in the standard battle royale format. Instead of just playing 10 or so battle royale matches and having your points add up to reveal your placing, players will be competing in an Arsenal limited-time mode event. Due to the shortened length of the matches and game mode popularity, it has been chosen for the tournament.

Either way that you choose to download the game, you will be able to participate in the Fortnite Galaxy Cup 2.0 so long as you are on Android. Given the nature of playing the game on that platform, there is even the possibility that the number of participants will be far fewer than it would be otherwise if it were still on the Google Play Store, so you may have better chances. How you get into the Fortnite Galaxy Cup 2.0 is by simply having an Android device to play on, making sure that you have two-factor authentication enabled on your account, and that you are a level 30 or higher at this time. With these requirements met, you will be able to enter the tournament.

The Fortnite Galaxy Cup 2.0 Arsenal game mode, for those who have never played it before, features all players in the match starting with the same weapon. Like Gun Game in other titles, you will go through a gauntlet of weapons that you need to get eliminations with.

Every time you get an elimination, the weapon will change to another one that you need to use, but there is a twist. In Arsenal, you start with the best weapon. They progressively get worse as you go through the list of them by getting eliminations in the match.

The first player to make it through every weapon and eliminate the final one will win the match. For every elimination you get in one of these matches, you will earn one point, while the person who gets a win in a match will earn an additional seven points, so it is best to aim to win.


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