Deputy helps cancer patient recover iPhone

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The iPhone, which contained numbers, photos, information regarding doctor’s appointments, was important for the man’s health. “I was totally lost being away from home and having my entire life on that phone,” Stanfield said in a letter written to Cameron County Sheriff Eric Garza and emailed to media.

A man from Corpus Christi is expressing his gratitude to a deputy with the Cameron County Sheriff’s Department for assisting him in locating and recovering his iPhone. Ike T. Stanfield was receiving chemotherapy at the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center while staying at a hotel in Houston. He claimed that the hotel lobby was where his iPhone had been taken. After a week of looking, he said that the recovery of the iPhone would not have been possible without the assistance of investigator Gilberto Cisneros Jr., a deputy with the Cameron County Sheriff’s Department.


  • After making several calls, his message reached Cisneros who “somehow actually heard my plea for help and listened,” Stanfield wrote. “No one had done that the entire week I had been tracing my phone.” Stanfield told Cisneros Jr. the location where his iPhone was located and that the detective “was like a hound dog out smelling his way to a runaway. What an excellent detective,” the letter read. According to the app, the iPhone was not that far from the Cameron County jail, Stanfield wrote.

  • With the phone missing, Stanfield managed to lock the iPhone using an app but didn’t cancel the device as “stolen” in hopes he would be able to track it down. One week later, he received an alert that his iPhone was in Brownsville. He tried reaching out to the Brownsville Police Department, but no avail, he said. He then reached out to the sheriff’s department June 10, hoping someone could help him get the iPhone back.


Cisneros went to the location where Stanfield had said the iPhone would be, and the investigator was able to retrieve it from a woman who had it in her possession.


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