Delete these Android apps immediately before they fail you

Delete these Android apps immediately before they fail you

Developed by the same undoubtedly phony company called “Tsaregorotseva”, Top Navigation and Advice Photo Power were able to rack up 500,000+ and 100,000+ installs respectively, which is just unacceptable when you consider their predatory behavior. Of course, a large part of the blame also lies with the users who failed to anticipate the menace even after strings of reviews highlighted the “total scam” and “fake advertisement” tactics pulled by at least one of the two apps in question.

While Android malware is far from a new danger to the platform’s billions of active users worldwide, it appears that the platform’s security concerns are only becoming worse with time, as bad actors improve their havoc-wreaking ways and Google fails to do enough to keep you safe. For example, two of the most recent malicious applications recognised as such by Doctor Web’s cybersecurity specialists and tech news outlet Bleeping Computer may have been permitted to steal money from up to a million individuals before being removed from the official Google Play Store.


  • Unfortunately, that’s not everything Dr.Web’s researchers found wrong with Google Play in January, with an assortment of other threats attempting (and, in many cases, presumably succeeding) in stealing personal information, passwords, phone numbers, and even Facebook accounts from a number of users that’s impossible to estimate.

  • In short, both generically named and seemingly useful apps had the same insidious goal, subscribing users to bogus services without their approval or knowledge to swipe a few bucks (or euros, or pounds) off their bank accounts every week. That can obviously add up to quite a bit of money after a while, so if the two aforementioned titles sound familiar, you might want to check your Android phones and hit uninstall as soon as possible.

Naturally, the end game for the vast majority of these trojans was also money, with everything from bank accounts to credit cards and cryptocurrencies targeted using various deceptive mechanisms. Without going into a lot of detail, here are a few other apps you need to delete right away if you happen to find them on your Android devices: