Delete these 8 Android apps and HP Smart SIM Jio laptop

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Top Tech News Today- July 18: Delete These 8 Android Apps, Jio HP Smart SIM Laptop And More Oppo Reno 8 Pro, Oppo Reno 8, Oppo Pad Air Tablet And Enco X Earbuds Launched In India: Price, Specifications And More iQoo Neo 6 Launched In New Maverick Orange Option: Here’s How Much It Costs And What’s Different Despite Google’s safety measures in place, Android devices getting malware or getting compromised is not something new Now, a malware named Autolycos has made its way to the Google Play Store and is found to be bundled with eight popular apps on the Play Store, resulting in over 3 million downloads.

You might find it challenging to stay on top of news that might be significant to you given how much is happening in the world of technology. There are some crucial developments for today’s “Top Tech News” that you need to be aware of. The following are the top tech stories for Monday, July 18, 2022: The HP Smart SIM laptop is the result of a collaboration between Jio and HP. Buyers who purchase the Jio HP Smart SIM laptop will also receive a free Jio connection with a 365-day validity period and 100GB of data. A few HP Smart LTE laptop models include a SIM card, enabling you to access the internet while on the go. all specifics.


  • “The market power on digital advertising that is currently being exercised by the Big Tech majors, which places Indian media companies at a position of disadvantage, is an issue that is seriously being examined in the context of new legislations and rules,” the minister said. If implemented, the new law will force Big Tech companies to pay digital news publishers a share of the revenue earned via using their original content. All Details

  • The malware has been found to be present in at least eight Android apps, all of which have been taken down by Google now. According to reports, it took Google six months to take down these eight applications from the initial acknowledgement of the report. All details. The Indian government is planning to make Big Tech pay publishers for using their content on their respective platforms, as other countries aim to create a revenue-sharing bridge between internet companies like Google and Facebook and digital news publishers.


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