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Since opening in March of 2016, it’s cared for over 700 residents and their families.

Mercy House has been a community care center for the terminally ill for 5 years now, offering support 24/7.


  • Executive Director Linda Cerra says they wouldn’t be able to do what they do if it wasn’t for the volunteers.

  • It has 5 full time employees, 16 part time, and over 200 volunteers.

“Well that’s our mission and our goal. When you walk into Mercy House, it does not look like a medical facility. I like to describe us as a large home with 10 bedrooms,” says Cerra.

Mercy House is the only non-denominational community care center in a 90 mile radius.

Due to the pandemic, Mercy House is only able to house 8 residents at a time.

If anyone is interested in volunteering or just wants to know more about Mercy House, visit