DamiLillard says off-season boxing training helped his 3-point shot reach new heights

Damian Lillard says offseason boxing training helped his 3-point shot reach new heights that originally appeared NBC Sports Northwest

When Damian Lillard isn’t cementing his legacy as one of the NBA’s greatest players, he spends his time off the pitch developing that fighter mentality.

Every offseason, the Trail Blazers guard swaps his Dame 7 for boxing gloves and steps into the ring in preparation for next year. Lillard he told NBA about ESPN’s Eric Woodyard who uses his boxing training routine as fuel for the game.

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“I tell people all the time, hoop is like the love of my life,” Lillard said. “I don’t even consider it a sport for me, it’s part of my life. My favorite sport to watch, I love boxing. I’m on the pitch every day of the offseason, but I don’t need to trip, I need it. I need that video of my boxing training. “

Detailed Lillard a typical day in low season which includes starting his day at 7:00 with lifting and conditioning until approximately 8:15, then putting on gloves from From 8:15 to 9:20 and lasts eight to ten minutes and finally …

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