Crusoe Had It Easy Walkthrough Full Game and Cheats!

Crusoe Had It Easy Walkthorugh Full Game

Crusoe Had It Easy, is an amazing game for adults, both real adults and with the fake ID adults. Did you just start playing Crusoe Had It Easy and want to know about the Walkthrough? Then we are here to help you with Crusoe Had It Easy Walkthrough. Down below you are going to see 7 different walkthroughs of the game. The most interesting part about this game is that the game is classified in 13 gaming genres. All these gaming genres of the game were collected from Visual Novel Database. We also have a bunch of cheats codes that will make your gameplay even better. Check it out at the ending as “Crusoe Had It Easy Cheats“.

In Crusoe Had It Easy you can find genres like “Male Protagonist”, “Author Commentary”, “Island”, “Trapped”, “Pregnancy Ending”, “Cheat Codes”, “Only a Single Heroine”, “Beach”, “Cousin Romance”, “Death of Protagonist” “Impregnation”, “Multiple Endings”, “Unlockable Choices”, “Modern Day Earth”. These genres make the walkthrough of Crusoe Had It Easy Walkthrough more interesting. L. Let’s quickly hop into 7 different walkthroughs of Crusoe Had It Easy.

Crusoe Had It Easy Walkthrough

1. Regrets:

If you want to know how bad the ending can be, then you can choose this walkthrough. To have this ending you’ll have to Cook For Sophie. After having dinner the game will prompt you to go out for a walk, choose it. When prompted to ask questions, choose “What She Misses The Most?” After doing so, when asked or prompted to you, choose “You Miss The Food Most” as your answer. After choosing “Tell Sophie When Her Top Gets Undone” and head into the forest. Sophie will get bitten by a snake and you’ll have to make sure not to be there at that moment. After getting back, let Sophie have the roots that you leftover. At last, you can choose to “Go To Sleep”.

This can be the simplest ending of Crusoe Had It Easy.

2. A True Gentleman:

Another simple and straight forward ending can be done following these steps. For getting this ending you can’t cook for her, don’t prompt her to do any other such things. Means you can’t be much nice to her. At last, you’ll just have to choose “Go To Bed” on the 3rd day. You can end Crusoe Had It Easy in the way like a gentleman.

3. As Dead As Rapist

Harm her, to have this ending you’ll have to harm her, not offer to cook, don’t go on a walk, don’t do anything good with her. All you have to do is on the 3rd night, you need to select “Caress her gently”, followed by “Touch her breasts”, next “Cross it”, and at last select “Go on”. One of the 7 endings of this game.

4. Dead Date Drug Rapist:

This ending makes the gameplay somewhat longer. In order to find this ending, don’t offer to avoid to joke about touching her breast, and also to cook Sophie.

Next, when the choice comes only select “She is a bitch”. Then, when Sophie asks you regarding the meals, go ahead and select “Tell her she should have used the spices”

Now, when you get the choice after seeing Sophie’s boobs, to go out to the jungle, select “Do not overextend yourself.” Whenever you’re prompted with the choice to “Masturbate” go right ahead and choose the same. And today when she interrupts you, Go ahead and pick “She should not sneak up on me like that.”

After this, Go into the jungle. Here, one thing to notice is the moss grows on the north side of these trees, however, you are living on the western side of the island. Find the herb once you see it, and take it. At last, when you cook the herb in her food. After the girl is asleep, you need to not sleep and instead choose “Caress her gently”, “Twist her breasts”, “Cross it”, and finally”Go-On.” This can be a somehow good and somehow bad ending of the adult game.

5. Rapist:

crusoe had it easy walkthrough

For getting this ending do cook for Sophie, but you have to make sure not to go to a walk with her. After telling Sophie about her undone bikini, let the snake bite her. Go fishing and take the roots yourself. After doing this, on the last night when the girl is asleep then you need to choose “Caress Her Gently” then “Touch Her Breast” and “Cross It” followed by “Go On”.

6. Nothing To Tell:

To have this ending you need to follow the same steps as in “Regrets”, but in the end part, do not choose to go to sleep and choose “Caress her gently”, then select “Touch her breasts”, “Cross it”, and at last select “Go on.”

7. Paradise

For having this ending you need to follow the steps given in the “Regrets”. When you are prompted to take her for a walk, choose  “Ask Her If She Wants To Go Back”.

These were the 7 on the list of Crusoe Had It Easy Walkthroughs. Not over yet, there are cheats in the game for making it more amazing. The Crusoe Had It Easy Cheats are given below.

  • “odysseyofthelostbikinibottom” – No bikini bottom.
  • “nudetella” – Make Sophie entirely nude.
  • “shavednotstirred” – No pubic hair on Sophie.
  • “oldschoolcheat – Unlock all CG illustrations in the gallery.
  • “papabear” – Play as Sophie’s dad instead of her cousin.
  • “notsoclose” – Play as Sophie’s close friend, instead of her cousin.
  • “destined” – Play as Sophie’s brother instead of her cousin.
  • “kittykitty” – Turns Sophie into a catgirl with a fluffy tail.
  • “fluffykitty” – Turns Sophie into a catgirl with a foxtail.
  • “legolasbride” – Sophie and the nameless protagonist are turned into elves living in a modern version of the Middle-earth.
  • “receptacleforthebespectacled” – Gets Sophie glasses.

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