Cricket 22, stick cricket, cricket 07, etc.

Cricket 22, stick cricket, cricket 07, etc.

Note that some of the titles mentioned here are paid and require a modern generation laptop or PC to play. With that clarified, lets start.

Top Cricket Games on PC, Android: If you think you are a cricket fan, you need to install the cricket game on your laptop or smartphone. Over the years, several studios have developed their own versions of cricket for personal computers. With the development of mobile games, there are some exciting titles that you can download and play for free. Therefore, there are many cricket games to choose from when you are ready to experience virtual cricket yourself. Choosing from a large number of titles can be painful. That’s why we’ve rounded up some of the top titles that cricket fans will definitely need to check out.


  • Platforms: PC, Xbox, PlayStation

  • Price: ₹2,999

Price: ₹672

Cricket 22 from Big Ant Studios is the newest cricket game you can find on the market. Coming as the successor to the Cricket 19, it features sophisticated batting and balling technique’s that will engage hardcore fans. A dedicated career mode simulates a player’s journey to the top ranks of the sport while women’s cricket gets a notable representation as well. You can even download mod packs from the community to have a tailored experience.

Platforms: PC, Xbox, PlayStation

The slightly older Cricket 19 from Big Ant Studios is a very pocket friendly way to experience virtual cricket in the best of ways, with the same features as the Cricket 22. Granted you are playing with older teams but the fun of a cricket match is no less despite being 2 years older. And if you are concerned about unlicensed players and teams, you can simply download them from the community for free from within the game. At its current price, the game is a steal.

Price: Free Platforms: Android, iOS

The classic smash hit Stick Cricket Live is here and is now present on Android and iOS with updated graphics. Stick Cricket Live lets you smash balls against an online player; the one with the most score wins. The cutesy cartoonish graphics has its own charm and the game rewards you with kit upgrades, new players, more stadiums and a lot more. Since it is free to download, you should not wait to try this one. Price: Free

Platforms: Android, iOS A mobile cricket game with good graphics! Sachin Saga Cricket Champions is free to play and offers a lot of tournaments as well as player-vs-player modes. As the name suggests, you can enjoy some of the legendary cricketer’s moves in the legendary mode and relive all the moments that made Tendulkar the sporting legend. There are leaderboards to compete within, winning which can guarantee some cool prizes.

Arguably the most popular cricket game that has found space in every crocket fan’s computer over the past decade. Published by EA back in 2006, Cricket 07 is a dinosaur but still does its cricketing action like a legend. Whether you are plating T20 or a test match, Cricket 07 lets you play according to your liking; smash sixes or replicate an authentic match. The mod community is still active on this one and you do not need a gaming PC to try this one. Just note that EA does not sell this game officially and hence, you will need to download it from third-party websites and go through a tricky setup process.  

Platforms: Windows Price: Free (there’s a catch)