CoxHealth warns the public of a recent telephone fraud

CoxHealth warns the public of a recent telephone fraud

A CoxHealth spokeswoman said in an email that multiple reports of scam attempts have been reported to the health care system. The statement says the scam callers are asking about various health issues, including pain management, and then attempt to sell the victim medical equipment.

CoxHealth is warning residents that a phone scam is currently taking place throughout the Ozarks.


  • McConnell said that the callers are not connected in any way with CoxHealth, and they are not calling because they obtained information from any kind of data breach.

  • “They even ‘spoofed’ CoxHealth’s name so on caller ID, the number appears to be identified with the health system,” spokeswoman Kaitlyn McConnell said in the statement. “They claim to be connected with CoxHealth, and are contacting them on behalf of a physician, and may ask for Medicare and/or a Social Security number.”

– Patients who do have an order for medical equipment and have a concern about a call should double check with their physician’s office before accepting any services or equipment over the phone.

– CoxHealth departments that handle medical devices do not “cold call” patients who do not have a physician’s order for medical equipment.

– CoxHealth will not call and proactively offer discounts for payment by credit card.