COO of MoonXBT: How a community-backed global exchange drives the adoption of cryptocurrencies

COO of MoonXBT: How a community-backed global exchange drives the adoption of cryptocurrencies

Now tasked with managing the day-to-day running of MoonXBT, George is dedicated to broadening the interconnectivity among crypto users in the global community as well as to make crypto more accessible to the users.

With a master’s degree in law, George is a specialist in blockchain and cryptocurrency regulations and has assisted in the development of a blockchain verification system in the F&B industry to help with anti-counterfeiting and product authentication.


  • “To be frank, it is the problem-ridden financial system that our world currently exists in. I personally lived through the three major financial crises that the world has experienced, the 1997 Asian financial crisis, the 2008 banking crisis and the economic recession due to COVID-19. I believe that these painful experiences have shown that the centralised financial system lacks security and sustainability,” said George, who is a Malaysian local.

  • Cryptocurrencies enable more secure financial system

George also pointed out that trading crypto is a great way for people to start understanding crypto, since trading generally requires the study of many fundamental information behind crypto to be able to determine its price direction. In the learning process, aside from making good profits, traders would eventually become more knowledgeable and future-ready in relation to crypto and blockchain.

George believes that a proper and accessible blockchain infrastructure underpinning a widely accepted cryptocurrency could be the answer to mitigating drastic economic instability. “The decentralised and transparent nature of crypto will make them the enablers of a fraud-proof, incorruptible and secure financial system.”

Interconnectivity as the key driver for innovation and creativity

“MoonXBT presents itself as a social trading platform not just by name but with substance,” George believes that interconnectivity can be used to drive innovation and creativity.

With features such as copy trading and social trading, the platform allows expert traders to become influencers. Together with copy traders and social activity among the traders, it forms stronger consensus and forces traders to use crypto on the platform as well as other scenarios, which drives the adoption of crypto.

“I am proud that our staff have a strong passion to drive the growth of crypto as a medium of exchange and a store of value through promoting its liquidity. I am also humbled by the community support that is almost instantly received whenever a user encounters difficulties on our platform,” said George.

With the growing interconnectivity, MoonXBT continues to innovate and plans to launch new projects such as Gamefi and DAO in the upcoming quarters. A more creative and interactive ecosystem will be gradually built up on MoonXBT as George pictures the future of MoonXBT.

Poised to achieve accessible global trading

“I was involved in the development and fine-tuning of the platform. I loved the fact that the platform’s buttons and functionality were so simple and direct. A crypto beginner could get up to speed with the basics of our platform in a matter of minutes.”

As the leader of an easy-to-access exchange, George is trying to gear up the platform with more services, such as fiat-to-crypto, more types of coins for deposits or withdrawals and better trading indicators such as a live order book. “I also thought that it would be great to make the platform much more cordial for algorithmic trading of crypto,” George said.

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He also intends to work with regulatory agencies across the globe to solidify the legitimacy and presence of MoonXBT. “I think this is essential to ensure that our vision of accessible trading is achieved.”