Committee publishes bill on private land hunting opposed by tribes | 406 Politics

A Montana House committee on Thursday unveiled a controversial bill it heard earlier this week that saw supporters push for private land hunting on Indian reservations but significant pushback. from tribal leaders who saw the bill as an affront to tribal sovereignty.

The House Fish, Wildlife and Parks Committee voted 13-5 to present House Bill 241 presented by Rep. Joe Read, R-Ronan. Seven of the committee’s 12 Republicans voted with all six Democrats to present the measure. The committee did not discuss the bill before Tyson Running Wolf Representative D-Browning moved to get it presented and trigger the vote.

Reservations generally consist of three types of land ownership: trustee lands owned by the tribe, trust lands owned by tribal members, and paid private lands, including those owned by non-tribal members. The tribes, sometimes in partnership with the state of …

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