COMMENT: gas pricing policy, from British Columbiand beyond – National

If you are fed up with the high prices of Canadian gas, you can at least be thankful that you are not living in British Columbia.

Unless you live in British Columbia. If so, then go ahead and be mad as hell.

British Colombians are once again experiencing particular pain at the pumps as rising oil prices drive up the cost of gasoline.

It’s an extremely bad case of gas-powered road rage in BC, home to the highest gasoline taxes in North America.

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How does the taxman hit BC drivers? We count the ways.

There’s the BC carbon tax, once strongly opposed by NDP Premier John Horgan.

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When he was in the opposition benches, Horgan used to yell at the burden of the provincial carbon tax on BC households. Now the tax has steadily increased before his eyes, with further increases expected to take effect.

There is also the BC Motor Fuel Tax. And the BC Transportation Financing Authority fuel tax. And Metro Vancouver’s TransLink fuel tax.

Ottawa takes a cut, of course, courtesy of the federal fuel excise tax.

Don’t forget the icing on the cake: the federal GST, charged on the entire gas purchase, including all other taxes.

Add it all up and the Vancouver subway drivers are washed at the gas pump, creating a recurring political problem for Horgan and his BC government.

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