Comment: Combating trafficking in humbeings: cause that should transcend politics

In recent weeks, President Joe Biden has reversed – or put on hold – many of the Trump administration’s immigration and border security policies. Nobody doubts that the new team is scouring the field, looking for other Trump administration policies and initiatives to cancel. But surely fighting the scourge of human trafficking is a piece of Trump’s legacy that should be spared. Indeed, this is one area where Biden’s Homeland Security Department should look to continue and build on the work of the previous administration.

There can really be no political difference of opinion on the virtue of dismantling the criminal networks that prey on the innocent. In the case of human trafficking, dismantling these networks is also a matter of national security. The same cartels that destabilize Latin America and the United States with their multi-billion dollar trade in illicit narcotics also reap huge profits. from trafficking in human beings.

This isn’t just a side business for them. Among the violent Mexican cartels, people are the third most trafficked commodity, dragging only drugs and guns, while it is impossible to know precisely how many people are trafficked into the United States each year, the National Criminal Justice Reference Service has estimated that the number is understood. between 14,500 and 17,500 – and that was 15 years ago. Surely the number is much higher today.

Activists estimate that 75% of the victims of Mexican cartels …