Colors of the Galaxy Z Flip 4: what we’ve heard so far

Colors of the Galaxy Z Flip 4: what we've heard so far

Yes, it is still a rumor, so keep in mind that this might not end up being a reality when the time comes, but Young is a reputable leaker who has been right way much more times than he was wrong. With all that being said, we are here to talk colors, and we will be looking into what the possible Galaxy Z Flip 4 colors can be. What colors will the Galaxy Z Flip 4 be available in? According to the most recent leak by reputable leaker Ross Young, the Z Flip 4 will come in Gold, Light Blue, Light Violet, and Gray colors. Of course, keep in mind that these will probably not be the official names of the color options; and images of the Z Flip 4 in those colors are yet to be revealed.

Every year, Samsung is one of the businesses that adorns its flagship series and even midrangers with eye-catching colours and finishes. What’s more eye-catching than a stunning clamshell foldable phone, like as the yet-to-be-announced Galaxy Z Flip 4, in Gold or Light Violet? It’s that time of year when speculations about the new Z Flip phone start trickling in from the darkest parts of Twitter, and the most prolific leakers tap feverishly on their phones to write the next big leak tweet… this time, one such tweet from Ross Young paints the Z Flip 4 line.


  • It could be a more fancy take of the light blue (dubbed Awesome Blue for the A53) for the Z Flip 4, of course, and probably there will be a shiny frame and a bit more premium-ness to it. But nevertheless, the color in itself is fresh and polished, and quite trendy, so it might look great with the clamshell phone.

  • Now, onto the specifics. This year, the Z Flip 4 is expected to come in four colors, but it is also possible that Samsung will have exclusive colors for the foldable as well (just what happened with the Z Flip 3, where the company had additional three colors only available for purchase from its website). Things are getting interesting: out of the blue… there will be a Z Flip 4 in Light Blue (probably). I don’t know about you, but when I hear light blue and Samsung, I immediately think about the recently released Galaxy A53. Yes, this is a mid-ranger and the Z Flip 4 is waaay more expensive (yeah, we know, foldable flagship phones these days), but the color just comes to my mind.