Climate activists from Extinction Rebellion broke the windows of Rupert Murdoch’s London office

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“These newspapers have spent 30 life-or-death years denying or ignoring the climate crisis to ensure that Business As Usual keeps the money flowing into their already obscenely bloated bank accounts,” XR member and ex-Sun journalist Steve Tooze said in a statement. “As a result, millions of us still have no clue about the terrifying dangers that threaten us.” Vladimir Putin on Wednesday blamed Kyiv for the collapse of a preliminary peace deal agreed with the Kremlin just a few weeks after Russian forces invaded Ukraine. Speaking to journalists after a visit to Iran, the Russian president claimed the Kremlin hadn’t seen a desire to implement the terms of the peace deal, adding that Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates had offered to act as mediators between Russia and Ukraine. Putin said the agreement was “practically achieved”.

After objecting to his newspaper’s coverage of this week’s heat wave in the U.K., environmental activists broke the windows of Rupert Murdoch’s News Building in London on Tuesday morning. Protesters from Extinction Rebellion (XR) scrawled messages like “TELL THE TRUTH” and “40 DEGREES = DEATH” on the opulent office building in the heart of London alongside recent headlines from The Sun, including “It’s not the end Keep your composure and continue. Tuesday is predicted to be the first day that temperatures in Britain surpass 104 F (40 C), as Europe swelters in an extreme heat wave.


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  • With Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelensky in March, although he didn’t elaborate on the terms of the agreement. “The final result of course… depends on the willingness of the contracting parties to implement the agreements that were reached,” Putin said. “Today we see the powers in Kyiv have no such desire.”

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