Clarissa, an Apple company, has released an update for FileMaker 19.5

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With these functions, developers can get the text found in an image of the specified container using the same algorithm as Apple’s Live Text, as well as read a QR code from an image. When it comes to scripting, FileMaker now lets you save data from the current window by leaving the “Window name” option empty in the Save a Copy as XML and Save a Copy as Add-on Package script steps. Another important enhancement is the preservation of the empty tab order for copied objects so that the pasted object now has no tab order set.

Claris, an Apple company, issued a new version for FileMaker, its cross-platform relational database software, this week. Support for new JSON functions, as well as security and general updates, are included in FileMaker 19.5. The FileMaker upgrade, according to the firm, makes the platform more secure. Remote FMP URLs, for example, now need clearance, and users may opt to be warned before an FMP URL opens a file. More JSON methods, such as JSONGetElementType, GetLiveText, and ReadQRCode, are now available in FileMaker 19.5.


  • Windows: When multiple container field objects on a layout contained mixed optimization options (such as “Images” and “Interactive content”) in Inspector > Data > Data Formatting, and the objects were collectively selected in Layout Mode, the radio buttons for Optimize for in the Inspector became unresponsive. macOS: Calculation field styles were not rendering in Table View for FileMaker Pro 19.4.1 when the width of Table View was longer than the width of the layout and for calculation columns farther to the right than the layout edge. macOS: Deleting a macOS shortcut from the FileMaker Pro preferences also removed all entries below the deleted entry. The updates are now available for existing FileMaker customers. New customers can start a free trial right now.

  • Claris FileMaker Pro 19.5 provides security and convenience updates that make development both safer and easier. We are excited to use these new updates in Claris FileMaker 19.5 to continue to help you build custom applications. You can check out some of the bugs that have been fixed with the update below: You can now replace the existing license certificate file at any time without quitting FileMaker Pro. See Replacing the license certificate file in FileMaker Pro Help. Modification Detection Code 2 (MDC2) has been deprecated by OpenSSL and is now removed as an algorithm option from various FileMaker Pro cryptographic functions.

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